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AFMG Operations is a full-service janitorial firm with a strong market focus in healthcare. 

We have designed our services to achieve the highest level of cleanliness and offer a range of solutions, including hospital housekeeping (EVS) temp labor, special project technicians, and cleaning for outpatient centers, medical facilities, corporate offices, and other non-clinical facilities. 


Our comprehensive cleaning plans are designed to enhance the safety and cleanliness of your facility, all while maintaining operational and financial efficiency. Our exceptional customer service has been the cornerstone of our reputation. 

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When you collaborate with AFMG, you can expect personalized, individual attention from our professionals every step of the way. Our team gains client assurance through responsiveness, expertise, and transparency. 


Our company is committed to maintaining its high operating standards and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations. To ensure these standards are being met, management utilizes a system that provides detailed, documented reports from the regularly performed quality assessments. This allows us to monitor and maintain the high level of quality and service expected in your facilities. 

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By collaborating with our vendors, we can offer our partners the newest innovations and advanced technologies that are at the forefront of our industry. We are constantly evolving our cleaning program and products to reach even higher standards for quality, safety, and environmental sustainability. 

Our cleaning process is designed to promote consistency and standardization across all our partner facilities. These practices go beyond routine cleaning to ensure a high level of cleanliness and safety for everyone.